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Make Dorm Room Ramen In A Coffee Maker

Head to the Asian food aisle in your local supermarket or to one of the many Asian grocery stores in Boston to create this soup which will have everyone posting photos on Instagram.

Paul Booras, director of culinary operations for Tavern in the Square, created this dish specifically for Dorm Room Chef and it's ten times better than your typical prepackaged 5-for-a-buck ramen noodle kits. Here's his recipe:

DRCTavernSquarePic.jpgDorm Room Coffee Maker Ramen

Ingredients For Broth:

-2 Tbs, Ginger, Fresh Sliced
-2 Tbs, Lemongrass, Fresh Sliced
-1 Cup, Bonito flakes
- Cup, Dried Shrimp
- Cup, Dried Shredded Pork
-3 Cups, Boiling Water

Method: Put ginger and lemongrass into the bottom of the coffee maker pot. Place the next three ingredients (bonito flakes, shrimp, pork) into the coffee maker filter. Pour boiling water through the filter. If using an electric coffee maker, fill up the reservoir with the water and turn the machine on so water flows through the filter and into the pot.

Ingredients For Ramen Bowl:

-2 Cups, Ramen Noodles, Fresh Cooked or Instant
-3 Each, Shrimp, Peeled Deveined Sliced thinly (into three slices)
- Cup, Beech Mushrooms (can also use Shiitake or Enoki)
- Cup, Corn, Fresh cut off the cobb
- Cup, Green Onion, Thinly Sliced
-1 Tbs, Thai Chile, Thinly Sliced
-1 Tbs, Sriracha (optional)

Add all ingredients (except the Sriracha) into a bowl. Feel free to substitute other vegetables or use your favorite ingredients (To make Gluten Free you can substitute rice, vermicelli or soba noodles for ramen; To make vegetarian, omit the dried pork & seafood and use shredded seaweed or kombu and substitute tofu for the shrimp.) Pour hot broth in bowl. This will cook the shrimp. Add Sriracha, if desired.

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