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Quick and Easy Chicken Lemon Grass

The lemon grass skewers in this recipe give the chicken a lemon flavor. Here's the quick, easy recipe from Mark Allen, executive chef at Towne Stove and Spirits in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood:

DRCTownePic.jpgLemon Grass Chicken Skewers

-˝ lb. chicken breast skin off
-2 lemon grass stalks
-1 jar of your favorite BBQ sauce
-˝ cup olive oil
-1 orange for garnish
-Green onions sliced thin for garnish
-Salt & pepper to taste

-Dice chicken into 1 inch cubes.
-Cut the lemon grass down the center and then cut it again making 4 long skewers.
-Place 5 chicken cubes on each lemon grass skewer, season with salt and pepper.
-In a sauté pan add the oil and heat until hot, add the chicken skewers and brown on each side, cooking until done.
-Then brush them with the BBQ sauce and garnish with the orange slices and green onions.

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