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Summertime Sangria Recipe

This sweet refreshing cocktail is all the rage during the warmer months and Sara at Strega Waterfront shared the house recipe. Here's what you need to do.

Strega Sangria


Step 1
Chop up any of your favorite fresh fruits (berries and peaches work well) and put into a large pitcher and set aside.

Step 2
Pour ¾ bottle of your favorite red wine into pitcher and add an ounce and a half of the following:

-Triple Sec
-Pavan Liqueur (or something similar - Pavan is made with muscat grapes and orange blossoms in the South of France.)
-Blueberry Vodka (Strega uses Stoli Blueberi, and yes, that's the correct spelling.)

Step 3
Gently stir all the contents and put the mixture in fridge until cool.
Once cooled, pour into glass with ice, garnish with a fresh orange wedge and enjoy!

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