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A Breakfast Inspired Cocktail

Those yogurt parfait cups with the crunchy granola were the inspiration for this beautiful cocktail. Salty Pig General Manager Erin Murtagh said she came up with the idea of deconstructing one of these cups and creating a cocktail while eating breakfast one day.

Thumbnail image for ErinSaltyPig3.jpgHere's her recipe:



-Strawberry infused Diabolique Bourbon, 2.5 ounces
-Granola-Honey Simple Syrup, 1.5 ounces
-Greek Yogurt, 5 tbsp.
-Honey, enough to rim a glass
-Mashed Up Granola, enough to rim a glass
-Strawberry Agave Puree, enough to decorate a glass

To Prepare the Glass:
Dip rim into honey and then into the mashed up granola. With a squeeze bottle, squeeze the strawberry agave puree around the inside of the glass to make a design.

In a cocktail shaker add the yogurt, the Granola-Honey Simple Syrup and the Strawberry Infused Diabolique Bourbon. Shake well and then double-strain into your decorated glass.

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