Mansfield pilot misses runway, hits snowbank

A small aircraft skid off a runway into a snow bank at the Mansfield Municipal Airport this morning. The pilot, who was the only person aboard the plane, was not injured, according to Mansfield police. Damages to the plane were an estimated $45,000, police said.

Fire department Lt. Phil Fontaine said the aircraft hit a snow bank upon landing.

According to police, the student pilot was practicing landings in a 2003 Cessna 172, a single-engine aircraft, at about 9:39 a.m. The pilot flew too low and the plane’s wheels hit a snow bank 180 yards away from the preferred landing area, damaging the right side of the landing gear.

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Upon touching ground, the right side gear snapped, sending the plane in a 200 yard skid down the runway and into the snow.

The Federal Aviation Agency is on scene investigating, said Kathleen Bergen, spokeswoman for the FAA.

According to the FAA registry, the aircraft is registered under Easy Flyer Aviation Inc.