Lawrence man admits he suffocated three-month old son because he was upset by infant’s crying

A Lawrence man today admitted he murdered his three-month old son when he became upset that the infant would not stop crying while they were in their home in 2011, prosecutors said.

Alexis O. Medina pleaded guilty to second degree murder in Essex Superior Court in Lawrence where he was sentenced to the mandatory sentence of life with the possibility of parole after 15 years imprisonment for the death of his son and namesake, Alexis Medina, officials said.

According to Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett’s office, Superior Court Judge Richard Welch sentenced the 26-year-old Medina to 10 to 11 years in state prison for assault and battery on a child, a sentence that he will serve concurrently with the murder conviction.

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According to prosecutors, Medina admitted that he went into the child’s room, turned him face down and then pushed on the child’s back until he stopped crying, eventually suffocating the infant on Dec. 28,2011.

The child’s grandmother found the motionless child in his crib and he was rushed to Tufts Medical Center where he was pronounced dead one day later, prosecutors said.

Medina told police that he was frustrated the baby would not go to sleep.

The murder of the infant boy came after Medina was sentenced to spend 18 months behind bars for fracturing the skull of his daughter, a child he had with a different woman.