Shane Victorino, David Ortiz — and Officer Horgan — get their beards cut at Gillette headquarters

How did it feel to have his beard shaved off?

“Like I’m 12,” said Red Sox player Shane Victorino.

Victorino and David Ortiz had their beards shaved off today at Gillette World Shaving Headquarters. The company treated the two men to the shaves as it donated $100,000 to the One Fund, which was set up to aid Boston Marathon bombing victims.

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The lucky beards grown by the team appear to have worked — as the Red Sox triumphed last week in the World Series over the St. Louis Cardinals. But now the season is over for the champions — and the facial hair.

“Oh, my goodness,” said Victorino when he saw his newly shaven face in a mirror.

“Oh, I feel fresh,” said Ortiz. “I’m going down South now, so I got to keep it real. It’s not that cold down there.”

Also on hand was Boston Police Officer Steve Horgan, the cop who got his moment of fame in an iconic Boston Globe photo showing him cheering with arms up-raised as Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter missed a catch and fell head-first and legs upraised into the bullpen in the American League Championship Series.

Ortiz gave Horgan a hug and draped the apron around him, saying “Ole!” and then told the barber, “All right you finish it.”

After Horgan’s beard was gone, Ortiz said, “Man, you look 12 for real. Oh, my goodness.” With little urging, the nearly unrecognizable Horgan raised his arms in his now-famous victory salute.