Red Sox will win Series — her green pepper says so

The portentous pepper
The portentous pepper
Ashley Griffeth

The baseball gods sent a portent of Red Sox victory to Cambridge Tuesday, but instead of in red, the message came in green — pepper, that is.

Ashley Griffeth, an intern at Buckingham, Browne and Nichols School, was making a taco at lunch, and scooped up a pepper in the shape of the Red Sox “B” logo.

“I put my spoon in and that was the first thing that came out,” said Griffeth.

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“I was like, ‘Oh my god!’ and turned to show the person behind me,” said Griffeth, 27. The sign from above stirred quite a commotion in the cafeteria. Everyone came up to take a glance at Griffeth’s taco, she said.

“Everyone thought it was a sign,” she said. “Bostonians would think that’s cool.”

Griffeth, now a Somerville resident, grew up in the Bay State and was a student at Northeastern University when the Sox beat the Yankees to head to the World Series in 2004. She thinks the team will pull through with a victory tonight in Game Six.

“My taco told me so,” said Griffeth.