Purloined bird sought in Weymouth

Weymouth police and a local pet store are seeking the public’s help in finding a woman who snatched up a valuable baby bird.

The missing conure (It’s a Pet’s World)

Last Friday, a green cheek conure was sneakily taken from its cage in It’s a Pet’s World on Bridge Street, said Kyle Waldron, assistant manager of the store.

Surveillance video showed a woman reaching into the bird cage, and fishing around to grab the colorful 12-week-old bird, which was worth $500. She stuffed it into her sweatshirt sleeve, and took off, Waldron said.

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The store contacted police right away. Unfortunately, the only thing police can do is spread the message, Waldron said.

“We’re worried about getting the bird back,” he said. “Making sure it is fed and is healthy.”

“If you steal a bird, you probably don’t know how to take care of it or feed it,” he said. Because it is still a baby, the pet shop was still feeding it through a syringe.

Waldron asked anyone with information to call the store at 781-331-0181, or the Weymouth police at 781-335-1212. He said information can also be sent to the store through email or to their Facebook page.

Over the summer, It’s a Pet’s World also had a rabbit stolen, Waldron said.