Two inmates briefly escape from Devens prison camp

Two inmates escaped from a minimum-security federal prison camp in Devens Thursday evening, a spokesman for the facility said.

The individuals were outside the camp in an area where inmates are not authorized to be, spokesman John D. Colautti said.

Prisoners at the facility, which holds low-risk offenders, are allowed to leave the camp, Colautti said, but they must stay in the immediate area where they can be supervised by prison officials.

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Colautti said it was first apparent that the inmates were missing around 7 p.m. when a member of the public reported seeing two men in prison garb. A count of inmates then confirmed two were gone, he said.

The escapees were located returning to the prison a short time later, Colautti said.

The prison notified over 30 area law enforcement agencies of the escape before the inmates were located, Colautti said.

Accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is being held at the Federal Medical Center at Devens, and was not involved in Thursday’s incident.

Colautti declined to release the inmates’ names or say why they were imprisoned because the incident is under investigation and could result in criminal charges.

The facility is a satellite camp of the Medical Center, Colautti said, although unlike the main prison, it does not hold inmates who require medical care.

No further details were available Thursday night.