Seventh suspicious blaze in several months is reported in Hyannis

An unoccupied duplex in Hyannis was hit this morning by an arson fire, the second suspicious blaze at the address and the seventh house fire deemed arson in recent months in the Cape Cod town, fire officials said.

The fire broke out at about 12:56 a.m. today at 50 Fresh Holes Road. Firefighters spent roughly four hours extinguishing it. A neighboring fire department responded to assist, said Hyannis Fire Captain Hans Kristofferson. The duplex is considered a total loss, he said.

The Fresh Holes Road duplex had been broken into a number of times before Friday’s blaze, and had also been set afire in August.

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“We had the first fire there about two months ago, and [the duplex] had been vacant since that fire,” Kristofferson said.

Kristofferson said the fact that the duplex was vacant, as well as the fact that it had been targeted before, immediately made today’s fire suspicious.

“In the August fire, somebody put a mattress up against the building and ignited it,” said Deputy Fire Chief Dean Melanson. “The second fire this morning was also arson.”

The building had been boarded up after receiving heavy fire, smoke, and water damage, Melanson said.

Four arson fires also broke out on Baxter Road and Pilgrim Lane in Hyannis near the airport rotary on May 5, Melanson said.

“When we arrived on scene, we had a dead hydrant,” Melanson said. “As we are repositioning, we go two houses down on Baxter, and a second house is on fire. We start dealing with that. Then the next house down is seen on fire. Then we found another fire down the street, making for the fourth fire.”

Three of the houses were seasonal residences that were not occupied. The fourth was a rental unit being renovated, Melanson said.

“All four houses had been broken into and ignited,” he said. One building was a total loss. The three others were damaged but salvageable, Melanson said.

Arson was also blamed in a house fire at 11 Hiramar Rd. in Hyannis on April 20, Melanson said.

“When we were fighting the fire at Hiramar, we heard an explosion,” Melanson said. “We went to 251 Falmouth Road, and somebody had lit a car on fire and [the fire] spread to two other parked cars.”