Taunton man under investigation as burglar who touched sleeping women in their beds

A Taunton man who is charged with breaking into homes in that city in recent days is a “strong person of interest’’ in several cases where a burglar made physical contact with women while they were sleeping in their beds, Taunton police said.

“In each case the suspect has approached the sleeping female victim in her bed and made some form of physical conduct with her,’’ police said last week in a posting on their Facebook page. “This has happen[ed] regardless of whether someone else was also in the bed with the female victim.’’

Miguel Erickson (Taunton police)

Police early today identified the man facing charges as Miguel Erickson, 43, who lives on Winthrop Street in Taunton. He is scheduled to be arraigned today in Taunton District Court, police said.

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Police said that after Erickson was taken into custody Saturday, they obtained search warrants and discovered property in his apartment that detectives believe was stolen from at least three of the recent burglaries.

Erickson has not yet been charged with having physical contact with women in the buildings he allegedly burgled, but Taunton police said their investigation is active and continuing.

“Relative to the recent sexual assault occurring during a burglary, no one has been formally charged with this incident and it remains under investigation,’’ police said in the Facebook posting. “Based upon the case developments, Erickson remains a strong person of interest in that case and several others that we are still pursuing.”

Police said a wave of break-ins had hit homes in the Barnum, Clinton, and Winthrop street areas. The break-ins all took place at night while people were home, and the burglar gained access through unlocked doors or windows. Jewelry was most often stolen during the robberies, police said.

“When confronted, the suspect has stated that he was homeless and looking for food before fleeing the scene,’’ police said.