Casey Overpass repairs prepare bridge for winter

After a day of emergency repairs to the Casey Overpass in Forest Hills this weekend, the bridge can now remain open during the winter months, said Michael Verseckes, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

The bridge carries Route 203/Arborway over Washington and New Washington streets.

MassDOT and the contracted construction crew for the repairs, SPS New England, completed the repairs in one day, Verseckes said. MassDOT initially estimated repair time on the overpass at three weekends of all-day work.

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“It was unclear how much work we could get done on the weekends, but once the guys got up there, we got some solid work done very fast,” Verseckes said.

Verseckes said the workers repaired 20 deck spans, a series of beams that hold up the roadway.

The Casey Overpass, which was built in 1951, has been deemed structurally deficient and is in an advanced stage of deterioration. Verseckes said the bridge is nearing the end of its serviceable life, and that a replacement project scheduled for spring 2014 will tear the bridge down.

“This should be strictly considered an interim measure to ensure the bridge can safely carry traffic before reconfiguration,” Verseckes said.