Boston Bruins fans, beware! City of Boston website displays Chicago Blackhawks pride

Note to Boston Bruins fans: Avoid the city of Boston’s website today.

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If you need to check that site today for whatever reason — to pay a parking ticket or report a missed trash pickup, perhaps — you will get an unpleasant reminder that the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Bruins in this year’s Stanley Cup.

The City of Chicago has received partial control of the website for a day and it will receive some of Boston’s best local seafood and tickets to area cultural events because Mayor Thomas M. Menino lost his friendly Stanley Cup wager with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“I’d like to offer you the following [prizes],” Menino confidently wrote in a June letter to Emanuel. “Though I feel strongly none of these items will be arriving at either of your airports.”

Oops. In a close series, the Blackhawks narrowly beat the Bruins in Game 6.

Chicago used its power over the homepage to post a promotional video trumpeting the Blackhawks’ success.

“For one day, the City of Boston’s web site will show hockey fans celebrating with the Stanley Cup and what makes Chicago a great city,” Emanuel said in a statement Tuesday.

The video features images of the Blackhawks beating the Bruins, accompanied by fans talking about their passion for Chicago and its team.

Menino will also send along some locally sourced food to Emmanuel, as well as tickets to the Huntington Theatre Company and a Theo Epstein concert in Boston. (Epstein, once the general manager of the Red Sox, is now the president of the Chicago Cubs.)

Menino will also provide a tree for a Chicago schoolyard.

What could Boston have won if the Bruins had won the Cup? The bounty included ickets to the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, a Blackhawks jersey with Menino’s name, and some local food and beer.