Former Boston FBI official charged with ethics violation reaches plea deal

Federal prosecutors are recommending that a former head of the Boston FBI office serve no prison time and pay a $15,000 fine in exchange for pleading guilty to an ethics violation.

Terms of the plea agreement between the government and Kenneth W. Kaiser, 57, of Hopkinton, were disclosed Wednesday in a legal filing in federal court in Boston. He is charged with a misdemeanor offense alleging prohibited contacts with former colleagues within a year of leaving the FBI.

Kaiser, a 27-year veteran of the bureau, ran the Boston office from 2003 to 2006.

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According to prosecutors, he started working for the Beverly-based company LocatePlus, which sells investigative databases, on July 3, 2009, the same day he retired from the FBI. He was tasked with conducting an internal investigation into wrongdoing by two of LocatePlus’s former executives and was also hired to help the company boost sales.

Starting about two weeks later, Kaiser began communicating and meeting with FBI agents in Boston and a federal prosecutor, pushing for charges to be filed against the former executives and to have LocatePlus listed as a victim, according to court records.

He was charged earlier this month and is scheduled to plead guilty Oct. 3.

Prosecutors agreed to recommend a reduction in his offense level, based in part on his “prompt acceptance of personal responsibility.” The deal was reached by federal prosecutors in Connecticut, who are handling the case to avoid the appearance of a conflict.