Tranquility reigns in week’s weather — with a slight warmup

High pressure will stick around through the week, bringing dry, pleasant weather until Monday. Below normal temperatures will gradually rise through the week to above normal levels by the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

“The sunny days and cool nights will continue through the week,” said Charlie Foley, Weather Service meteorologist. “It will be some very tranquil weather.”

After temperatures crest near 67, clouds will return late in the day, but rain is not expected, according to the Weather Service. Temperatures will drop into the upper 30s overnight, but a frost advisory has not been issued.

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Wednesday will be mostly sunny, with a high near 68. A sea breeze could develop, bringing temperatures down a few degrees along the coast. Temperatures overnight will drop into the low 50s, and skies will remain clear.

Thursday’s weather won’t bring anything new, as the high for the day will inch up one degree, to 69. Skies will remain clear and sunny for the day, though clouds will develop overnight. Nighttime temperatures will again drop into the low 50s.

The weather on Friday into the weekend will see no real significant change from the week, besides slightly higher temperatures. The high for Friday will be 68 degrees, and temperatures over the weekend should remain in the low 70s. Sunshine is expected through the weekend, and could last into Monday, according to the Weather Service.

“There is a storm developing off of Florida that could come up here Monday into Tuesday, and it could be a pretty significant storm, bringing a lot of wind and rain,” Foley said. “But it’s not clear yet if we will be impacted by it.”