‘Outrageously cute’ seal goes on display at aquarium

BOSTON, MA , 9/ 17 / 13: NEW ENGLAND AQUARIUM'S new family member...Kitovi, a Northern fur seal, comes out to the water watched by a child reflected onto the glass window. ( David L Ryan/Globe Staff Photo ) SECTION: METRO TOPIC stand alone photo
A child was reflected in the glass as Kit came out of the water at the New England Aquarium earlier this week.
David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

If you were thinking about going to the New England Aquarium but just weren’t sure, perhaps this little detail will seal the deal: Kit, a 6-week-old baby northern fur seal, is now on regular exhibit to the public at the seal pool.

Kit is on exhibit every day, but not all day, as she is still young and can get in some trouble with the adolescent female sea lions also at the pool.

“She has been introduced to them and gets on well with them,” said Tony LaCasse, spokesman for the aquarium. “But they can all be a little rambunctious, and she’s little, so we don’t have her out there all day.”

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Kit, who was born at 8 pounds and now weighs 18 pounds, has spent the past few weeks nursing with her mother, Ursula, in a private pool.

Ursula will join Kit when she is displayed, as will Kit’s older brother Flaherty and his playmate Lou. Both Flaherty and Lou are under 2 years old, LaCasse said.

For those that can’t make the trip to see Kit in the near future, LaCasse said Kit won’t change much for a while, at least in one key respect.

“Kit will be outrageously cute for several years,” LaCasse said. “But right now, even among aquarium staff, everyone is talking about how ridiculously cute she is. People are very excited to see her.”