Wellesley police take unruly Methuen man off MBTA commuter train and discover he is a twice-wanted man

A passenger on an inbound MBTA commuter rail train whose unruly behavior drew the attention of Wellesley police is now in custody after police discovered he was a twice-wanted man, officials said today.

Chanel Gagne, 34, was allegedly making a scene on the commuter rail at about 11:50 a.m. between the Natick and Wellesley Square stops, prompting MBTA officials to request Wellesley police meet the train at the first stop in Wellesley and remove him, officials said.

Police conducted a background check.

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“Once he was identified, a subsequent query revealed he had two warrants,” said Wellesley Police Lieutenant Marie Cleary, a department spokeswoman.

The Methuen man was wanted in Lawrence District Court on a charge of shoplifting. He also is wanted in the same courthouse to face charges of one count of possession of a class B substance and two counts of possession of a class E substance. Class E substances are prescription drugs, and Class B substances include cocaine, LSD, and PCP, police said.

Gagne cooperated with police once he was removed from the train, and was not charged for his inappropriate behavior on the train, police said.

Gagne is expected to appear in Dedham District Court today where a judge will determine whether police will take him to the Lawrence court or he will be allowed to get their on his own, officials said.