Plymouth police chase 2 suspects after attempted abduction of 3 children

Two males in a white sedan attempted to abduct three children in a residential neighborhood of Plymouth on Sunday before the children ran away and alerted their parents, Plymouth police said today.

Officers pursued the vehicle through the South Shore town in a frenzied 10-minute pursuit, but the driver twice managed to elude officers, according to Police Chief Michael E. Botieri.

The incident began around 5:45 p.m. on Sunday when police responded to the area of Old Mill Road for a report of an attempted abduction. A white vehicle with Rhode Island plates approached the three children — between the ages of 5 and 6 years old — and attempted to get the children into the vehicle, but were unsuccessful, police said.

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Within three minutes of the report, police encountered a white vehicle a short distance away from the attempted abduction on Cherry Street, and two motorcycle officers attempted to stop it, police said.

But the driver sped up and managed to get away from the motorcycle officers, according to Police Chief Michael E. Botieri.

Another officer spotted the vehicle within a minute parked on Standish Avenue. He tried to remove the operator from the vehicle, but the driver was able to stay in the vehicle, and drive northbound on Standish Avenue, briefly dragging the officer along with him. Within another minute or so, the white sedan collided with a vehicle at the intersection of Cherry Street.

The driver then sped away from the crash scene and was gone before officers could mobilize in their vehicles and follow, police said.

The operator of the vehicle the suspect rammed into was uninjured, police said.

All Plymouth residents were notified of the incident through a reverse 911 call. Plymouth public schools sent out a letter concerning the incident to student households and staff members Monday night, said Schools Superintendent Gary Maestas. All three children attend Plymouth public schools.

“We urged our students to be vigilant,” Maestas said. “We reminded them not to approach or have communications with people they don’t know.”

Plymouth police are actively looking for the suspects, described as two black males, as well as the suspected vehicle, a white sedan.

“We have been getting a lot of good information from the public, so we are now trying to occupy the vehicle and the occupants,” said Chief Botieri.

Anyone with information concerning the incident is asked to call the Plymouth police at 508-746-1212.