Boston officials warn voters of bogus election polling calls

The Boston mayor’s office and the city election department are reminding voters that the city does not conduct polling over the phone, after residents received fraudulent calls this weekend, officials said.

“It has been brought to my attention over the weekend that voters are receiving telephone calls regarding voter preferences. The callers are identifying themselves as being from the Boston Election Department,” Geraldine Cuddyer, Chair of Boston’s Board of Election Commissioners, said in a statement. “Voters should be aware that any caller conducting a survey, and claiming to be Election Department personnel, is engaging in fraudulent behavior.”

The department became aware of the calls when residents complained, said John M. Guilfoil, a spokesman for the mayor’s office.

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The fraudulent calls came in just under two weeks before the mayoral preliminary election on Sept. 24.

The callers asked residents who they were voting for and what they thought of a proposed East Boston casino, said Guilfoil.

“The Election Department staff is working around the clock getting ready for the September 24 preliminary election,” said Cuddyer. “The Election Department prides itself on conducting fair and impartial elections, and I take great offense at anyone misusing the Department’s name.”

The election department urges residents to not give out any personal information over the phone and to be wary of suspicious calls, Guilfoil said.