Man sentenced to 7 years for exporting sophisticated US military electronics to China

A Chinese man will serve seven years in prison for illegally exporting tens of millions of dollars of sophisticated US military electronics from his Waltham company to China, federal law enforcement officials said.

Zhen Zhou Wu was re-sentenced Monday after exporting the electronics components to China on 12 separate occasions between 2004 and 2007, the FBI and US attorney’s office in Boston said in a statement.

The US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit affirmed 15 of Wu’s 17 convictions in March after he appealed his 2010 conviction. The First Circuit vacated two of the counts against Wu because it held the jury instructions were constitutionally inadequate.

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Because two counts were removed from the sentencing, the First District modified Wu’s sentence to 84 months from 97 months.

Wu’s company, Chitron Electronics Inc. in Waltham, was a front company for Chitron Electronics Limited, headquartered in China. Wu’s customers included Chinese military research institutes and “military entities responsible for procuring, developing, and manufacturing electronic components for China’s army, navy, and air force,” the statement said.

The equipment exported is used in a number of applications, including electronic warfare, military radar, fire control, missile systems, and satellite communications.

Wu’s dealings with China were deemed by the Department of Defense’s Defense Technology Security Administration to be a threat to US national security in a report submitted to the court, the FBI said.

The illegally exported parts are “precisely the [types of] items... that the People’s Liberation Army actively seeks to acquire,” according to the Defense Department report.

Along with the sentence, Wu was ordered to pay a $15,000 fine. After his sentence, Wu will be subject to deportation back to China, according to the FBI.