Soggy Labor Day brings concerns about flooding

Today will see widespread showers and thunderstorms, bringing heavy rain and possible flooding throughout Massachusetts. One to three inches of rain could fall in a short time today, spurring a flash-flood watch for virtually all of the state until 11 p.m. and a flash-flood warning for southern Worcester county, according to the National Weather Service.

“This wet weather will continue into Tuesday,” said Charlie Foley, Weather Service meteorologist. “But a cold front from the West will bring a drier, cooler air mass for Wednesday.”

Dew points will climb into the mid-70s today, bringing about unstable conditions, and temperatures will crest around 78 degrees. Skies will remain cloudy and rainy through the day, though there might be a small break in showers tonight.

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Showers will continue into Tuesday and last for most of the day. Storms could produce gusty winds and heavy rain, and temperatures will stay in the upper 70s. Showers will continue into the evening, but should diminish late in the night, according to the Weather Service.

Wednesday will see a new air mass and the first sun of the month. Dew points will moderate into the 50s, and rain is unlikely. Temperatures will climb near 80, and should moderate into the low 60s overnight, according to the weather service.

“We are going to experience some very cool mornings, with temperatures in the 40s,” Foley said. “But daytime temperatures will rebound into the 70s.”

Wednesday’s weather will basically duplicate for the rest of the week into the weekend. Rain isn’t expected through Sunday, and daytime temperatures will stay in the 70s. Sun should also dominate the sky until at least Sunday, according to the Weather Service.