Deer euthanized after firefighters freed it from mud

After more than a dozen firefighters rescued a deer from a mud pit in Marshfield Sunday, the year-old doe was put down after veterinarians said they could not save it.

Marshfield authorities said it took more than two hours and 15 firefighters from several nearby towns to save the doe, which was found stuck in mud up to its neck in a backyard on Old Ocean Street. The yard is about 175 feet from a creek, said Marshfield Fire Captain Thomas Corbo.

Corbo said the call for the rescue came in around 11:30 a.m., and it took firefighters until 1:30 p.m. to completely free the deer. The rescue team used 15 sheets of plywood, a boat, and a harness in the rescue, said Corbo.

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“We were able to get to it using a boat and the plywood, and then we used the harnesses to pull it out of mud,” he said.

The deer’s front leg was broken, Corbo said.

The deer was taken to VCA Roberts Animal Hospital in Hanover, where the earlier rescue efforts turned out to be for naught — the animal was euthanized.

“There wasn’t anything we could do,” said Maeve Morey-Barrett, a veterinary technician at the animal hospital. “It had a badly broken leg.”

Corbo said there are many deer in Marshfield – and lots of mud – but the two don’t often get entangled.

“There’s a lot of deer in Marshfield, but not so much stuck in the mud,” he said.