Forecasters predict string of pretty days; temps tonight to drop to mid-40s

Most of the state should see clearly now, for the rain is gone. At least until Tuesday.

A high pressure system will dictate the weather for the rest of the week, bringing pleasant temperatures and an extended period of dry weather to Massachusetts. Temperatures will climb into the upper 70s, and humidity levels should remain comfortable, according to the National Weather Service.

A mixture of clouds and sun is likely today, though a period of mostly cloudy skies could crop up across the interior of the state. There is a low probability for a brief spot shower this afternoon on the Cape and islands, according to the weather service. Skies will remain clear overnight, with temperatures cooling to the mid-40s.

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Thursday will usher in more pleasant weather across the Commonwealth. Skies should clear up entirely, bringing plenty of sunshine statewide. Temperatures will hover in the mid-70s, and humidity levels won’t rise, according to the weather service.

Friday’s weather will replicate Thursday’s. And the warm temperatures and mostly sunny skies will likely sticking around until at least Tuesday. Rain is also unlikely until then, according to the weather service. The only real change in the weather this weekend is temperatures will inch up a few degrees.