Forecasters predict autumn will be warmer than usual

As summer comes to a close, many are surely dreading the chilly temperatures and darkening nights of fall. But there’s good news: Temperatures are expected to remain mild through the entire season, according to

Temperatures will remain two to three degrees above normal through New England in September and October, the private forecasting service said today in its fall seasonal forecast.

“November will mostly likely be the coldest month, compared to normal, for the fall season,” said Paul Pastelok, AccuWeather meteorologist. But temperatures will still be above average.

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The company also said that early-season snow could hit the interior Northeast during November. Wet, heavy snowflakes could cause power outages when piled on trees and power lines, the forecasters warned.

The threat of tropical storms, like Superstorm Sandy, which pummeled the East Coast in October 2012, could also linger late into the season, until around November.

“The bulk of these systems will come in September and probably early October, but it looks to me that we’re heading into a late season with a storm here and there through November,” Pastelok said.

As December commences, temperatures will remain relatively warm, lowering chances for significant snow, the forecasters said.