Shark sighting off Westport forces beach closures

Two sharks were sighted off the coast of Westport, resulting in the closure of several beaches in the area.

A fisherman on Gooseberry Island spotted the two sharks with binoculars, identifying one as a juvenile shark and one as an adult, said Department of Conservation and Recreation spokesman Bill Hickey.

The State Police air wing confirmed the sighting of two sharks late this morning, said Hickey.

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The DCR halted swimming at Gooseberry Island and Horseneck Beach immediately. They also posted signs saying “swimming prohibited” to warn beachgoers. Demarest Lloyd State Park, another popular swimming spot, was also shut down, Hickey said.

The beaches will stay closed today. DCR intends to reopen them tomorrow, Hickey said.

Hickey said it wasn’t clear what type of sharks they were or how big they were.