Coyotes near a school cause a stir in N. Andover

North Andover police are keeping their eye on a pack of young coyotes that have made their home in the woods near the Annie L. Sargent School.

Police received four calls on Friday that coyotes had been seen lurking in the area. Police investigated and observed coyotes running into the woods fearful of the officers, North Andover Police Lieutenant Charles Gray said.

The coyotes don’t appear to be sick or injured, so the police plan to let them stay in the area despite its close proximity to the elementary school, said Gray. He believes the animals may relocate as the area gets busier when school starts in a month.

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“It’s wildlife, and we have to coexist together,” said Gray. But if the coyotes start to present a threat, they will have to be put down, he said.

Patrol officers and the animal control officer are routinely checking the area. Gray urged residents to not feed the coyotes or treat them like pets.

Anyone who sees the coyotes becoming aggressive should call the North Andover police, Gray said.