Rescue off Cohasset saves 14 people, including baby, from sinking boat

The Coast Guard and three harbormaster boats rescued four adults and 10 children, including a four-month-old baby, when their boat began sinking Sunday near the Grampuses, a group of rocks roughly a mile off Cohasset.

Cohasset sent two boats to the scene, with the Scituate harbormaster and the Coast Guard sending boats shortly afterward, according to Cohasset officials.

All 14 people got off the boat safely, with no injuries reported, Cohasset officials said.

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The boat, a 20-foot privately owned vessel, was refloated and towed to Bassing Beach.

No charges were filed against the operator of the boat, Cohasset officials said.

“Cohasset is a very rocky coast with lots of ledges around it,” said Lorren Gibbons, Cohasset harbormaster. “That’s why we have the lighthouse.”