Raid by multiple law enforcement agencies in Malden believed to have thwarted robbery

A large coordinated law enforcement effort culminated Friday in Malden with the arrest of six suspects on multiple charges relating to an alleged planned robbery, the police chief said.

According to Malden Police Chief Kevin Molis, between 20 and 30 law enforcement officers from five agencies descended on the suspects at a site on the 200 block of Commercial Street. Molis said the suspects had been under surveillance and that the raid on the property was strategically planned.

“It was predetermined that would be the most advantageous location and moment for this arrest for the safety of the public and the safety of the officers,” Molis said.

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Molis said officers from the Malden, Everett, and Revere police, the Middlesex sheriff’s department, and the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives participated in the raid.

“All the officers from all the agencies today performed at the highest level that could be expected from any law enforcement agency not only here, but in the country,” Molis said.

Marquis Simmons, 23, Antonio Correia, 21, Antonio Correia, 43, Branden Correia, 20, Jokarly Fernandez, 21, and Julio Rodriguez, 21, were arrested on robbery, conspiracy, and gun charges, police said. According to police, four of the suspects said they were from Newark, and two said they were from Somerville.

Molis said the suspects will be arraigned on Monday.