Heat, mechanical failures cause rush-hour commuter rail delays

Mechanical failures and soaring temperatures caused delays on several different commuter rail lines out of South Station during Monday’s rush hour, a Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail spokeswoman said.

MBCR reported 15- to 20-minute delays on the Franklin, Needham, Providence/Stoughton, Framingham/Worcester and Middleborough/Lakeville lines.

According to MBCR spokeswoman Rhiannon D’Angelo, there were mechanical failures on three separate trains earlier in the afternoon that caused delays on the Franklin, Needham and Providence/Stoughton lines, and heat restrictions slowed trains down on the Framingham/Worcester and Middleborough lines.

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It was not immediately clear if the mechanical failures were caused by Monday’s high temperatures. The earlier issues backed-up later trains as well, causing residual delays into the evening, D’Angelo said.