Storms mainly steer around the state, but downpours still possible, forecasters say

The expected storms mostly did not show up by late this afternoon in Massachusetts, but National Weather Service forecasters warned that there was still a potential for downpours.

In a flash flood watch covering much of Central and Western Massachusetts, the forecasters warned that the threat of heavy rain would continue through tonight. Eastern Massachusetts could also receive isolated thunderstorms with locally heavy rainfall, forecasters predicted.

The stormy forecast for today came after the weather service issued four tornado warnings Monday as strong thunderstorms rumbled through the state. The storms spawned a microburst with winds of 80 miles per hour in Agawam and a small tornado with winds of 90 miles per hour that touched down just across the state’s southern border in the area of East Windsor, Conn.

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The most intense weather today is most likely to strike west of Worcester, and could bring flash floods and gusty, damaging winds to the region. The storms will likely be short-lived, lasting for 15 minutes or so, weather service meteorologist Bill Simpson said.

National Weather Service radar shortly before 5:30 p.m. showed some storms passing through the northwest corner of the state and others approaching from New York and Connecticut.

On Wednesday there is the potential for slightly lower humidity, although this will likely be offset by slightly warmer conditions, in the mid-80s. As the week progresses, the chance of showers declines slightly as a high-pressure system backs in from the west, according to the weather service.

The Fourth of July will see more sun and the hottest temperatures of the week, which will waver from the upper 80s to the mid-90s. Friday will be similar.

Don’t rule out some scattered showers and thunderstorms for the end of the week and the weekend, although most areas should stay fairly dry, forecasters said.