Mother and two children escape injury when minivan is hit by MBTA commuter train in Belmont

Transit Police released this picture of the damaged vehicle.
Transit Police released this picture of the damaged vehicle.

A mother and her two young children are safe after their minivan was struck by a train Tuesday night in Belmont when their GPS navigation system instructed them to turn onto railroad tracks, where the car became stuck, MBTA Transit Police said.

Around 9 p.m. Tuesday, the three were traveling south on Brighton Street when their GPS instructed them to take a right-hand turn just prior to Hittinger Street, which the driver did, Transit Police said in a statement posted on their blog.

When the woman followed the directions, the minivan became stuck in the tracks and the woman could not drive away, police said.

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The three were able to safely get out of the van just before a Fitchburg commuter rail train struck the vehicle, police said. The driver was not cited for the incident.

There were roughly 70 passengers on board the Fitchburg-bound train, none of whom were injured, police said. They were picked up by MBTA buses that continued the passengers along the route.