Transit Police Officer Richard Donohue, wounded in Watertown shootout, leaves Spaulding Hospital

Almost two months after being shot while pursuing the alleged Boston Marathon bombers and nearly dying, MBTA Transit Police Officer Richard Donohue departed today from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital for his home in Woburn, 20 pounds lighter but grateful for his recovery.

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At a press conference preceding his departure, Donohue told reporters about all the things he was looking forward to doing when he got home: Sleeping in a bigger bed. Cooking chicken parmesan. Being attacked by his enthusiastic beagle, Waylon. And spending some quality time with his 7-month-old son.

“I swear, every time I see him, he’s got another tooth,” Donohue joked. “He has more teeth than me.”

Donohue arrived in the lobby of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in a wheelchair, then stood with little apparent difficulty to grasp a pair of crutches. He wore sneakers, a striped blue polo shirt, and khaki shorts that revealed a neat 6-inch incision on the right side of his leg.

With extensive physical therapy, he is now able to walk for short periods with the help of crutches or a cane.

“My body’s definitely improving, but with that comes some pain and a few aches,” Donohue said.

Donohue said he continues to have no recollection of the night that he was shot; his last memory, he said, was arriving for his shift at 1:30 p.m. that afternoon. He has not learned anything further on whether he was hit by friendly fire.

Donohue said he did not know when he would be headed back to the job. His wife, Kim, said she knows his return to law enforcement work will be challenging for her.

“That’ll be a tough day for me — a proud day, but a tough day,” Kim Donohue said.