Lynn police: Help us find the arsonist who burned the El Siloe Church to the ground

Lynn police have released photos of a suspect in the May 21 arson of a Lynn church as they investigate acts of vandalism they believe culminated in the fire that destroyed the entire church, according to Lynn police Lieutenant Chris Kelly.

Arson suspect being sought by Lynn police

The acts of vandalism against El Siloe Church started in February and have involved windows being smashed out overnight, Kelly said. The photos of the suspect were taken on May 17 during the last incident of vandalism before the arson.

The fire, which began at 4 a.m., is being investigated by Lynn police and arson investigators from the Lynn Fire Department and the Office of the State Fire Marshal, Kelly said. The Fire Marshal’s office is also offering $5,000 for information relating to the arson.

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Investigators are also working to enhance video from the arson to identify the suspect, Kelly said.

Anyone with information can contact Lynn police at 781-595-2000 or the Office of the State Fire Marshal at 1-800-682-9229.