Dolphin stranded in Osterville, released into Cape Cod Bay

A 335-pound adult female Risso’s dolphin washed ashore in Osterville Saturday morning, possibly blown north by tropical storm Andrea, was released in good condition, said CT Harry of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

A Sea View Avenue resident saw the dolphin laying on its side in the surf at about 9:50 a.m. and called police, who contacted the fund, Harry said.

The dolphin had a few cuts on its skin, probably from scraping against shells and rocks while washing ashore, and rescuers removed a shell that was stuck in its blowhole, Harry said. It was slightly thin, but healthy.

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Rescuers attached a satellite tag to the mammal and released it off Scusset Beach, into Cape Cod Bay.

Risso’s dolphins typically stay south of the mid-Atlantic region, Harry said, but the organization normally sees one or two a year near Massachusetts.