No problems reported at Boston schools a day after threatening letters were received

Schools are operating smoothly and without incident today after threatening letters were received at several schools Thursday, Boston School Department spokesman Lee MacGuire said.

There are extra police patrols today both around and at the schools, a Boston police spokeswoman said.

Classes are running on normal schedules today, MacGuire said. As of 10:30 a.m., Boston police hadn’t received any reports of unusual incidents at the schools.

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The typewritten letters received Thursday, while disturbing in tone, did not contain dangerous chemicals and also did not contain a specific threat against an individual school or the system as a whole, officials said Thursday. Officials said the letters appeared to have been authored by the same person and were all postmarked from Texas.

The letters sent to the schools were the most recent in a spate of suspicious letters sent to various organizations and individuals. Last week, the Secret Service intercepted a letter containing traces of the poison ricin sent to President Obama.

It was not known if there was a connection between the letters sent to the president and those received by the Boston schools.

City officials would not identify the specific schools involved.

Boston Police Superintendent William Evans reiterated at a Thursday evening briefing that the letters contained no specific threat to the schools and no hazardous materials, and that authorities did not believe children were in danger.