Foxborough man, 49, facing domestic violence charges for attack on estranged wife in home

FOXBOROUGH — Two days before their divorce was to become final, Julie A. Saltis returned Monday to the sprawling Colonial in a bucolic neighborhood she once called home to collect the remnants of the life she had shared with Glenn A. Saltis.

Her estranged husband allegedly attacked her there, inflicting such severe injuries that Foxborough police summoned Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey’s office and crime scene technicians.

Glenn Saltis, an electrician and electrical inspector for the town of Foxborough, had to be rescued from the nearby Neponset Reservoir after the incident, according to a police report.

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Saltis was taken to Norwood Hospital for examination. He is to be arraigned today in Wrentham District Court on charges of domestic assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, officials said. Julie Saltis is being treated at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence.

The report filed in court said police were called to the home of the couple’s son at 11:12 a.m. on Monday, where they found the mother covered in blood, with a deep laceration on the right side of her skull.

The son told police that his mother had driven back from the couple’s long-time home on Ridge Road and told him, “Look what your father did to me.” Police said they went to the Ridge Road home and found large amounts of blood in the master bedroom closet.

Police said that after Glenn Saltis was rescued from the reservoir he told them he did not remember Julie Saltis coming to the house or what happened there and did not remember what led him to go into the reservoir.

The report said that police believed the object used to attack Julie Saltis was metal shelving removed from the master bedroom closet.

The explosion of violence shook neighbors on the small enclave of Ridge Road, a peninsula jutting into the reservoir, where the Saltises lived for years and raised their two sons until Julie Saltis moved out in 2011.

During their years together and even since the couple broke up, long-time neighbors said today, there was never a suggestion that the end of the marriage would bring violence, allegedly by Glenn Saltis.

“I have nothing but positive things to say about the whole family,’’ said one longtime neighbor who, like others, agreed to be interviewed on condition that their names not be published out of concern for the Saltis family. “I’m heartbroken.”

The couple, who both grew up in Mansfield and who were married when both were 24 years old, have two sons in their late teens, according to Norfolk Probate and Family Court records. There were no prior reports of violence in the divorce case, records show.

The couple last lived together at the Ridge Road house, which is worth about $600,000. They had reached a divorce settlement earlier this year that was scheduled to become final Wednesday, according to records.

Under the agreement, Glenn Saltis was to keep the house after making a $180,000 lump sum payment to his wife. He was also to pay $500 a week in child support, but receive medical care from his ex-wife’s health plan, according to records.

The agreement also called for Julie Saltis to visit the house a final time to collect personal mementos, including artwork created by the couple’s two sons, records show.