Kiss the sun goodbye; rain is on the way

Kiss those sunny skies goodbye. Rain is on its way this afternoon, with showers moving into the Boston area between 3 and 5 p.m., though we could see a sprinkle beforehand, the National Weather Service said.

Ahead of the showers, it’ll be muggy, with highs expected to reach 71 degrees in Boston and clouds gathering as the day progresses, forecasters said.

The showers will continue through the evening hours, followed by patchy fog after midnight, meteorologist Alan Dunham said.

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Thursday morning will see more spotty showers followed by clouds in the afternoon as another low bringing showers on Saturday slowly moves into the region. Dunham can’t rule out the chance of rain Friday, either.

Though the rain will help to refresh the parched region, it won’t do much. Dunham said only half to three-quarters of an inch of rain is expected to fall across the state through Thursday; some areas will receive less because of the spottiness of the showers.

“It won’t cut back on the entire rainfall deficit,” Dunham said, “but it will give some temporary relief.”

Though there’s a chance of rain through the next five days, Dunham said it’ll be dry again during the first half of next week.