Methuen High student who allegedly vowed to outdo the Boston Marathon bombings held without bail

LAWRENCE — A Methuen High School student was charged this morning with threatening to outdo the Boston Marathon bombings, allegedly posting his deadly intentions on his Facebook page.

Lawrence District Court Judge Lynn Rooney ordered Cameron Dambrosio held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing and a probable cause hearing that was scheduled for May 9.

Dambrosio, 18, was dressed in a blue T-shirt with a picture of rapper ODB on the front and gray pants. He was in leg shackles and handcuffs as he stood beside his attorney, Geoffrey DuBosque, who pleaded not guilty on his client’s behalf.

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In a court document filed in the case, a Methuen police officer said he had been approached Wdnesday by an associate principal who told him of a threatening post by Dambrosio on his Facebook page.

The online post, laced with expletives, lashed out at “haters” and said the writer would “go insane and make the news, the paper,” and the “house of horror known as the white house [sic].”

The post referred to the “boston bombinb [sic]” and said “wait till u see” what the writer does.

“I’ma [sic] be famous rapping, and beat every murder charge that comes across me!” the post said.

The officer said he and school officials searched the school for Dambrosio. He later located him walking on Pleasant Street near Highland Avenue, where he was arrested, the officer said.

A group of police officers later went to Dambrosio’s home, where they photographed a Dell MTC2 computer tower and an XBox 360 gaming console with hard drive and seized them for evidence, to be sent to the State Police lab for analysis.