Forecasters warn dry conditions may lead to brush fires

Too much of a good thing? With all the sun and warmth recently, and no precipitation in sight until the middle of next week, the National Weather Service is warning of the increased likelihood of brush fires across the state and southern New England.

This afternoon, a cold front will move across the region, bringing wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour, potentially igniting fuels such as leaves and brush that have become “dangerously dry,” forecasters said.

Before the cold front moves through, the mercury is set to hit the low 60s along the coast and approach 70 inland today, meteorologist Charlie Foley said.

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Temperatures will max out in the late morning; the sunshine will stick around until the midafternoon when the cold front arrives, Foley said. The front, moving from east to west, will allow clouds to back into the region off the water, bringing cooler temperatures, too.

Expect Friday’s temperatures to be about 10 degrees cooler than today, Foley said, with highs in the 50s along the coast and 60s inland.

The chill will be short-lived, though. This weekend, temperatures will bounce back to near 70 on both days, Foley said. Expect sunshine, too, along with more dryness.