Authorities searching back of Cambridge building where suspects’ father once worked on cars

An investigator speaks with a woman holding a child front of Yala Tribal Rugs as investigators searched the Cambridge store. JOSH REYNOLDS FOR THE BOSTON GLOBE (Metro, desk)
An investigator spoke with a woman holding a child front of Yala Tribal Rugs as investigators searched.
Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

CAMBRIDGE — Authorities searched the back of a small brick building containing a business named Yayla Tribal Rugs on Broadway today. The father of the bombing suspects used to work on cars in the parking lot behind the building, neighbors at nearby businesses said.

Only a half hour earlier, the owners and family had been seated on a tall pile of rugs inside eating lunch. They said they knew the father but declined to be interviewed.

Several large dark trucks were parked along the block and a white truck was parked near the back entrance of the building. Men in white suits appeared to be searching the building from the back and bagging some items up to remove.

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Tahar Adel, a mechanic working across the street at Ayoub Auto Repair, said he had met the father in the past and that the father did work behind the rug store. The father also had done work at the shop where Adel works, under a prior owner. Neighbors said they had seen the older son working on cars with the father on occasion. It’s been a year or two since they have seen him around.