Today’s damp day will be followed by a rainy Friday, but weekend and Patriots Day will be dry

This morning’s damp start will be temporary with showers fading away around noon, creating a a chance for the sun to peek through breaks in the clouds this afternoon, the National Weather Service said.

Today will be the chilliest so far this week with a high near 46 degrees in Boston coupled with a northeast wind up to 15 miles per hour, forecasters said.

Friday will be a total washout, said meteorologist Charlie Foley, with roughly an inch of rain expected to accumulate. There’s also a chance for urban flooding in areas with poor drainage, forecasters said.

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And it will be cold, with a measly 40 degrees predicted for the high temperature in Boston amid gusting winds of 23 miles per hour, the weather service said.

There is a silver lining to Friday’s rainclouds: The expected rainfall should make up for the current precipitation deficit. This spring, Boston has seen 0.37 inches of rain, Foley said, an inch short of the normal 1.37 inches.

“This slug of rain Friday will bring us back to normal,” Foley said.

Now that precipitation is back on track and foliage is starting to bloom, last week’s risk of brush fires won’t be as much of an issue, Foley said.

Flourishing flora help keep the sun’s rays from reaching the debris-covered ground. That debris is the fuel firefighters worry about, Foley said. Last week also saw an extremely dry air mass than can worsen fire conditions when combined with high winds, he said.

Friday’s rain won’t stick around, though and will be gone by Saturday morning. The weekend should be sunny and dry, with temperatures returning to the 50s.

Patriots Day — also known as Marathon Monday — should be dry and cooler than previously forecasted, Foley said. Expect a sunny day with light winds with morning temperatures in the 40s climbing to the 50s in the afternoon.