40 years later, man getting his Foxborough High School class ring back

A bizarre coincidence at the Boyden Library in Foxborough helped librarians solve a local mystery and return a long-lost heirloom to a former local high school student.

For three years, Kristopher John Brooks’ class ring from Foxborough High School sat in the lost and found box at the library and evaded librarians’ attempts to identify its owner. For 40 years, Brooks, a 57-year-old Edmonton, Canada, resident, still reminisced from time to time about the ring, which he said he lost when he was 17 and attended Foxborough High.

“It never completely passed out of my mind,” Brooks said in a telephone interview on Monday. “I mean, I didn’t think about it every day, but I missed it. It wasn’t like [my family] just shrugged it off either after I lost it. My family tried several times to get a new one but the price just kept going up.”

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But two weeks ago, librarians, with the help of local archivist Bill Milhomme, were able to identify the ring’s owner and ship it to Brooks, Milhomme said.

During one of his many visits to the Boyden Library, Milhomme and a librarian were discussing how Foxborough High School had changed the size of senior class rings shortly after he graduated in 1968. Milhomme said he could not remember what sparked the conversation.

Ann Herman, another librarian, happened to overhear the conversation and showed the lost ring to Milhomme, he said.

“I looked inside the ring and sure enough there were the initials KJB,” Milhomme said.

Herman and other librarians had seen the initials and thought the ring might belong to Brooks, based on his information in the Foxborough High 1973 yearbook, but they had never been able to contact him, Milhomme said.

After researching Brooks on Facebook, Milhomme was certain he had found the ring’s owner, he said.

“The next day I called and he picked up the phone and I said, ‘The library has your class ring,’ ” Milhomme said.

As soon as the phone rang, Brooks had a feeling he knew what it was about, he said.

“I looked at the caller ID and it said Foxborough which kind of blew my mind,” he said. “It was great detective work by Bill.”