Twin lemurs are born at Franklin Park Zoo

ring-tailed lemur with newborn twins, young head sticking out from under mothers arm, young lemurs were born 20 minutes bfore photo was taken
The mother cuddled with one of her babies just 20 minutes after the birth.
Robert Michelson

It’s double the cuteness at the Franklin Park Zoo, where twin ring-tail lemurs were born last week.

The babies, whose gender is not yet known, join eight other lemurs at the Franklin Park Zoo. All 10 can be seen in the Tropical Forest exhibit.

Nebuchadrezzer, also known as Nebbie, gave birth to the twins Thursday. Officials said Nebbie is an experienced mother who has been doing everything she can to take care of her babies.

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“The twins are very active and are nursing well,” said John Linehan, president and chief executive of Zoo New England, which manages the zoo.

Zookeepers also describe Nebbie as a protective mother, saying she doesn’t let the twin’s siblings get very close to see the babies.

Natives of Madagascar, ring-tailed lemurs are active during the day, the zoo said, and inhabit Madagascar’s dry bush, scrublands, and closed canopy forests.