Forecasters call for clear skies, temps in the 50s

Get ready for a gorgeous day of sunny skies and mild temperatures — and yet another winter storm on the horizon for early next week.

A cold front moved through the region last night but hasn’t yet dropped temperatures, keeping today’s highs in the low 50s with clear skies, said National Weather Service meteorologist Charlie Foley.

Things will cool down tonight, thanks to a secondary cold front, dipping lows into the 30s and keeping Thursday’s highs 10 degrees colder than today. Thursday will also see a gusty northwest wind, making temperatures feel even cooler, Foley said. Overnight into Friday, temperatures could reach the low 20s.

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Temperatures will recover slightly Friday, with winds dying down and clear skies accompanied by highs in the lower 40s.

A fast-moving storm arriving Saturday brings a chance for rain and snow mainly along the South Shore. Thoughout the state, highs will be in the low 40s. Temperatures will still be in the low 40s for St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, with partly cloudy skies.

Though still a ways away, a storm appears to be headed for the Bay State, potentially bringing rain and snow Monday night into Tuesday, Foley said.

It appears a system of rain and snow will sweep across the region, according to a weather service forecast discussion. If snow does fall, it would be in the interior and likely limited to areas north and west of the Massachusetts Turnpike. However, meteorologists said, “accumulations during this time of year may be hard to come by” thanks to warm surface temperatures.

Where and when precpitation could fall, plus how the storm could impact coastal communities still reeling from last week’s storm, remains up in the air.