One man killed in double shooting in Dorchester

Two men were shot, one fatally, inside a car in Dorchester Saturday evening, Boston police said.

Officers responded to the intersection of Columbia Road and Hancock Street in the Uphams Corner section of Dorchester after a call came in at 6:34 p.m., Officer Katherine Shea said.

One man, in his mid-twenties, was pronounced dead at the scene by Boston Emergency Medical Services, Shea said.

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A second man, who was about 22, was transported to Boston Medical Center with injuries to his chest and arm areas, said Shea, who was unable to confirm that victim’s condition or identify either victim.

Shea said the shots appeared to have been fired from the area of Rosseter Street, nearly a mile from the intersection of Columbia Road and Hancock Street, and ballistic evidence was found on Morse Street, near Rosseter.

At Columbia Road Saturday night, officers had blocked off the northbound lanes with yellow crime scene tape from Bird Street to Hancock, near the Strand Theatre.

A light-colored sedan sat on a flatbed tow truck, with the car’s passenger compartment covered by a sheet or tarpaulin. Officers took down the yellow tape and left the scene, along with the tow truck, just before 8 p.m.

Workers and customers in nearby businesses said they had not seen what happened and only became aware of the incident when multiple police cars arrived at the busy intersection.

“I see the police; I don’t really see what’s going on,” said Cecilia Goncalves, 22, who lives on Virginia Street.