Rain and snow will hamper evening commute; warm, snow-melting temperatures to continue

Conditions for drivers and pedestrians will remain sloppy this afternoon and during the evening commute as rain and melting snow combine to create more weather-related headaches in the Greater Boston area, according to the National Weather Service.

The rain will fall until around 7 p.m., creating ponding on some roads and streets,

The rain, heralding a warm front, has engulfed the state and is helping to slightly melt this weekend’s snow pack, said meteorologist Charlie Foley.

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Today’s highs will break the 40-degree threshold with temperatures expected to top 43 degrees in Boston and Walpole, 45 in Plymouth, and 39 in Lawrence.

The rain, adding weight to the wet, melting snow, could pose a problem for clogged storm drains, especially in the city. The weather service has issued a hazardous weather outlook for flooding in urban centers with poor drainage.

Foley said the combination of snow and rain is unlikely to cause roof collapses.

“With the deep snowpack we have, we’re really not going to get enough rain to make a significant contribution that it would compromise any roofs, which is a good thing,” Foley said.

As the rain tapers off tonight, lows may not even reach 32 degrees in Greater Boston, preventing today’s puddles from freezing. Boston and Plymouth are set to see overnight lows of 36 degrees and 34 degrees in Walpole and Methuen.

The rest of the week will see daytime highs in the 40s, and lows in the upper 20s. Tuesday will see winds pick up and temperatures in the mid 40s, and lows in the mid 20s and clear skies overnight into Wednesday.

During the day on Wednesday, the sun will come out, there will be little or no wind, and temperatures will be in the 40s once again.

“After all the hullabaloo, we’ll have somewhat tranquil weather,” Foley said.