Milton High School goes into two-hour ‘stay’ after a student finds suspicious object

Milton High School went into “STAY IN PLACE” status at 1 p.m. Tuesday after an unidentified metal object that a student thought may be a bullet casing was found, according School Superintendent Mary C. Gormley.

The student went to the vice principal’s office at approximately 11:20 a.m. to report the object found on the floor of his classroom. An immediate call to Milton police was made and an investigation was then initiated, Gormley said in an e-mail to parents.

Initially Milton police and school administrators believed the the object may have been a remnant of a nail gun used by a company working on the building in the evening hours. After the construction company was consulted and could not confirm that the tool was ever used in the building, the police initiated the “STAY IN PLACE” status and all students and teachers were instructed to remain in their classrooms, according to Gormley.

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Police conducted a “precautionary sweep,” bringing six specially trained dogs that can detect ammunition into the building, she said.

No ammunition or other items of concern were found and activities returned to normal at 2:50 p.m., the superintendent said.

Principal James Jette was in communication during and after the sweep with both staff and parents/guardians, she added.