Roxbury man’s shotgun and pistol are overlooked by thieves — but confiscated by police

Police seized two improperly stored guns from a Roxbury man’s home after he reported the theft of an AR-15 rifle, a TV, an Xbox, a Playstation, several video games, and a camera.

At 9:50 p.m. Thursday, police responded to a breaking and entering call on Intervale Street and spoke to a man who reported that he had come home to find the front door unlocked and the items missing from his room, a police statement said.

He told police that handgun he kept in a bedside table and a shotgun he kept under a mattress were not stolen. Even though the man had a valid gun license, police seized the Beretta FS92 pistol and Mossberg 500 shotgun because they were improperly stored.

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The man is not facing charges. Police said they are still investigating the case.