Mayor Thomas M. Menino says he hopes to return home in 10 days

Mayor Thomas M. Menino said Tuesday he hopes to leave Parkman House and return to his home in Hyde Park in the next 10 days.

Menino has been living at the city-owned mansion on Beacon Street since he left Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital last month. The mayor has had difficulty walking since an eight-week hospital stay for a severe respiratory infection and a spinal fracture. He was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Parkman House has an elevator and is close to City Hall and Spaulding Hospital, where Menino has daily physical therapy sessions.

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“I’d like to be home in the next 10 days, sooner if I can,” Menino said at a press conference to formally announce that the shoe company Converse is relocating its headquarters from North Andover to Lovejoy Wharf, near TD Garden. “But it’s so convenient for me” at the Parkman House.

Menino said he was “ahead of schedule” on his physical therapy. He said he spoke to his doctor Tuesday morning and “all my tests have come back positive.”

“Honest to God, I feel really good,” Menino said. “Except, I would say, from my knees down, I feel really, really good.”